CLEANTECH GERMANY ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS are the economical solution for high demands – Made in Germany.

The word on grid refers to the operation of a storage system parallel to the grid. CLEANTECH GERMANY offers energy storage systems for various areas. We produce electricity storage devices that can be connected to all renewable energy producers on the low-voltage grid. Here we create different concepts in order to achieve the best performance for your system

All CLEANTECH GERMANY ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS are manufactured and controlled according to the highest quality guidelines.

A storage facility enables its owner to use electricity more economically and possibly become less dependent on the electricity market. A memory helps to access the amount of electricity exactly when it is needed. We also offer medium and large storage systems. State-of-the-art battery cells and intelligent cell control ensure maximum performance and reliability – without compromise. Our broad product portfolio covers all areas of application for energy storage in the private, commercial and industrial sectors: from 3.5 kWh to 100 MWh output, whether connected to high voltage or low voltage, on-grid or off-grid.

With our maintenance and servicing service, we also ensure that our storage systems produce and store effectively in the long term, so that your investments remain a complete success.

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