Wastewater Treatment Modular


Sewage treatment plants from CLEANTECH GERMANY are designed to be modular in accordance with different customer requirements and can be expanded and adapted to changing performance requirements. The compact systems are suitable for decentralized wastewater treatment and are designed for direct discharge into public waters. They are suitable for both underground installation and above-ground installation. Multi-line system modules run independently of each other in parallel operation. During repairs and maintenance work, the remaining modules are operated properly.

The system consists of primary clarification, biostages, blower, secondary clarification, sludge storage/thickener and operating room.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Direct discharge into public waters
  • Parallel operation – good accident safety
  • Compact system with complete cleaning stages – optimal cleaning performance

No long planning times, no complex building permits and everything can be flexibly combined with one another.

Our systems are able to outperform the current benchmarks for achieving quality for water treatment many times over:

CSP Chemical Oxygen Demandbelow 50 mg/l
BSP Biological oxygen demand below 10 mg/l
N total amoniom (nitrogen)below 10 mg/l
P total phosphorus contentbelow 0.5 mg/l

Over 25 systems are currently running in Germany and the EU – over 150 of our systems were approved for construction in China in 2019 and are currently being planned and implemented. Our services include consulting, planning, technologies and plant operation and contracting.

We are looking for companies in the target markets that will support us in sales and development.

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