Neighborhood solutions


CLEANTECH GERMANY offers efficient, future-proof and climate-friendly energy solutions for residential areas with grid-independent or grid-dependent operation and thus promotes regional climate protection. Through our neighborhood concepts, we enable you to save taxes and levies on your current electricity price. This also increases the value of your property. After an in-depth analysis and taking your requirements and expectations into account, we develop a tailor-made energy supply concept for your residential area.

CLEANTECH GERMANY takes over the complete planning and implementation in close consultation with the authorities.

Turnkey implementation also in combination with other systems

Depending on your needs, we also integrate an electricity storage system or a combined heat and power plant. Intelligent charging infrastructures for electric vehicles and an eCar sharing offer for residents are also becoming increasingly common. The systems are implemented on a turnkey basis. Depending on the orientation and location of your residential complex, we will plan the optimal solution for you.

The combination with attractive government funding programs makes residential complexes and neighborhood solutions an important factor in cost savings and the generation of green energy.

Let’s make the world greener together!

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