The energy metropolis Leipzig is considered one of the most renowned cities for the development of renewable energies in Europe. It was voted the most sustainable city in Europe in 2018 and is characterized by a diverse research landscape and a broad base of the renewable energy industry, as well as numerous other “climate impact” concepts.

Leipzig stands for municipal commitment in the areas of energy efficiency and climate protection. The potential and measures of the energy and climate protection program were successfully implemented.

The city of Leipzig was awarded for the first time in 2011 and has since been given the title of “European Energy and Climate Protection Municipality”. Leipzig has now been awarded gold status, which is awarded for special achievements in local climate protection. Leipzig is therefore one of an exclusive group of large cities that have successfully implemented the goals of the European Energy Award (EEA).

Good reasons for Leipzig:
  • Covering the entire value chain in the energy sector
  • Efficient cluster network of energy and environmental companies, politics and science
  • Municipal commitment in the areas of energy efficiency and climate protection
  • Largest energy trading location in Europe
  • Location of the Digital Hub Germany
  • Nine universities with renowned chairs and an excellent research landscape
  • Outstanding potential for skilled workers in a growing region
  • First German production site for mass-produced electric vehicles
Logistics hub Leipzig

Our office is located in the heart of Leipzig. Leipzig is developing very dynamically and is Europe’s new logistics hub for international companies. In particular, the 24/7 service of the Leipzig/Halle cargo airport, the qualified and motivated workforce, the available space for logistics settlements, a strong university-industry cooperation and research infrastructure have created a first-class logistics and value-added service for the industry. Leipzig/Halle Airport is home to one of the largest intercontinental freighter fleets in the world. Our office is located in the heart of Leipzig.

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