Energy Advice

Energy Advice

We offer you worldwide advice and support in planning and monitoring energy-efficient construction of buildings. Our focus in the construction sector is on building complexes, residential complexes and neighborhood solutions.

As part of new buildings and the renovation of real estate, we can contribute the following services to construction planning:

  • Development of efficient and safe energy concepts for building envelopes and system technology
  • Energy-related optimization of planning designs
  • Application, support and confirmation as part of the funding program
  • Development and creation of energy-efficient planning concepts

We offer the following planning services for construction planning and architectural offices as well as property developers:

  • Proof of heat and cold protection in the building application process
  • Qualified temperature bridge verifications
  • energy balancing of efficiency houses

We are happy to assist you with many other energy planning and necessary tasks in connection with renewable energy solutions.

  1. Every kilowatt hour of energy saved protects the environment and your wallet
  2. Energy efficiency means more climate protection and fewer CO2 emissions
  3. Energy efficiency leads to cleaner air because fewer pollutant emissions are released into the atmosphere
  4. Energy efficiency means lower energy requirements and thus a reduction in energy imports, costs and dependencies
  5. Energy efficiency also brings a more conscious use of energy and more sustainable energy consumption
  6. Energy efficiency drives the promotion of innovations, green solutions and applications
  7. Energy efficiency means increasing comfort by using less energy
  8. Energy efficiency generates job creation and reduction of energy poverty
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