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With your EMIX HOME solar system you use sustainable electricity and become an electricity generator yourself.

Improve your process and supply technology to reduce costs and more sustainability

CLEANTECH GERMANY is a full-service provider for efficient and green, affordable solar systems. Through our tailor-made EMIX HOME energy concept, you as a customer are able to reduce your energy costs in the long term and become more energy independent.

We carry out an energy analysis of your structural and technical infrastructure, derive energy efficiency measures and evaluate their economic viability. At the same time, we can develop the optimal funding scenario and support you in its implementation. We also create proof of use.

Permanently affordable and safe green electricity for your home

Your emix home
solar system reduces your costs and
optimizes your environmental balance.

That's how it's done:

1. The best way to express your interest is by email with your full name and address.

2. We will send you a non-binding offer.

3. Together we will arrange an appointment on site and discuss further details.

4. We plan your energy system, determine the savings potential and compare returns.

5. This is followed by your individual EMIX HOME offer.

6. You send us the acceptance of the offer and the necessary details for network registration.

7. Then arrange your deposit and we will complete the network registration for your EMIX HOME solar system.

8. We will coordinate the delivery, assembly and connection date with you.

9. Completion of your EMIX HOME solar system including acceptance report.

10. This is followed by commissioning and connection to the grid together with the grid operator.

11. Creation and handover of the final documentation for your EMIX HOME solar system.

Project duration:
Results for you

Benefit from our emix home green power concept:

Energy efficient – ​​​​green electricity – promoting green projects

This can also be subsequently certified for companies by independent bodies.


Benefit from our tailor-made green electricity concept. It can consist of several parts, which we combine depending on the project structure and scope as well as the local conditions in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for you and further promote climate protection. Our innovative EMIX HOME solutions help you obtain and use your energy optimally. This enables you to further optimize your own electricity generation, consumption and your costs.

Companies and institutions usually have large areas for PV systems and the corresponding electricity consumption. You can save enormous costs and benefits from a long-term economic investment. We will make you an offer and, if necessary, also create a design. We would also be happy to support you with your financing.

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