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Ground-mounted solar power plants

CLEANTECH GERMANY takes care of all services related to the planning, project development, management and realisation of your solar power plant in close consultation. Whether feasibility studies, yield studies or quality checks of the components, we ensure that your investment is on a secure footing. We use developed, technically mature systems which we have tested over many years and which even enable construction on difficult terrain or in extreme climatic zones. For solar plants on open spaces, we offer "all-in-one solutions" with optional operational management and maintenance. 

We build for the future!

We build ground-mounted systems at the lowest life-cycle costs. By the term "ground-mounted system" we mean photovoltaic systems that have real cost advantages over roof systems due to their dimensions. In this context, CLEANTECH GERMANY examines the legal framework conditions, the subsidies, as well as the requirements for the selection of the location. The selection of the optimal components is made after the most accurate site analysis and on comparative data from our previous plants.
An important difference to most roof systems is that the orientation and the angle of inclination of the PV modules can be freely selected by means of an elevation.
We take care of your solar system and secure the additional yields of your investments. With our maintenance and servicing service, we ensure that you produce solar power effectively in the long term and that your ground-mounted system is and remains a complete success.