Cleantech Germany

"Life is the best when you are in
love with what you are doing." Lars Tischbirek



For a quick and cost-effective installation of your system, we coordinate delivery, specialists and technicians. Our specially trained staff often work on your project over several months. Efficient project handling, your order, implemented together with CG CLEANTECH GERMANY GmbH, includes the planning and installation of turnkey plants as well as the associated grid connections, whether on-grid or off-grid.



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Realising projects on an open space and for industrial customers or also in the private sector, we continue to drive the sustainable growth of renewable energies on the markets and ensure that you and the environment benefit from our services.

With our projects, we want to make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. The projects will achieve structural savings of CO2 on a significant extent in the future. We monitor the operations to ensure a smooth process and are available to you 24/7 as a contact partner.