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When planning your project, the technical and infrastructural design is drawn up at the beginning. Once the site for the plant has been determined, it and the associated areas are protected by agreements. There are application and review procedures as well as nature conservation concerns. The plant is also planned with the best possible avoidance of disturbance factors. Exceptional installations, such as large solar PV projects in high-yield regions, can place the highest demands on us as developers or producers of the technologies. Our executing managers and experienced skilled workers are involved in the planning process from the very beginning.

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From the development, the production in the manufacturing facilities, the transport to the destination country, to the final assembly of the complete solution. The entire process is meticulously prepared and organised. Our goal is to develop safe, clean and durable solutions for you in all areas. This enables us to meet the high demands of our customers, our investors and our environment. We guarantee careful production and on-time delivery and installation, always in compliance with environmentally friendly processes.

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