Cleantech Germany

Never underestimate the power of an advice.



Increasing energy efficiency is essential for optimising your energy costs. Our comprehensive consultation clarifies which types of energy generation make the most sense for you and your projects, or which types of supply and wastewater treatment come into question. The output volume of a plant must be determined, and the conditions of economic operation must also be clarified in advance - such as partnerships with energy suppliers and their required purchase modalities. In addition, the locations and interests to be considered for projects are defined.

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The selection of a suitable location, the technical conception, as well as the professional installation and maintenance also play a decisive role in the optimal performance of a plant. Our clients benefit from our many years of experience in the development and implementation of cleantech projects. Our consulting services also include the identification and acquisition of profitable locations and the determination of the expected cash flow. Our competent advisors accompany you during the realisation of your energy project, as well as during the technical operational management. In addition, we provide you with legal support throughout the entire approval process. We always take your needs into account. With customised solutions from a single source, we ensure the highest efficiency, quality and performance.
Among other things, we offer the following consulting services:

  • Site survey (assistance with site acquisition if necessary) with assessment of the usability of the property
  • Advice on funding and financing
  • Preparation of a profitability calculation based on the local conditions
  • Preparation of an individual offer
  • Advising on the project planning and dimensioning of the entire system
  • Procurement of information during the complete installation
  • Maintenance and service of the plant for the desired period of time of the investor –
    Consultancy services can also be requested individually