With CLEANTECH GERMANY you can invest in pioneering technologies and new markets.

We develop products and solutions for a better life - the idea came to us in 2010 on our first trip to Nigeria. Today we are many steps further and are part of PV projects and working on developments that are unique in the world. This indicates that we have done many things right!

Since our founding, we have recorded strong growth in turnover and sales figures. On the one hand, through the selection of our markets and, on the other hand, through innovative ideas, systems and technologies that we bring to bear.

Sustainable and profitable

Our products and our markets are extremely profitable. Niche markets and development of specialty products strengthen our business models. This sustainable model will also continuously develop growth potential in the future.
Transparency and open processes create the conditions for cooperative approaches and alliances. In this way we create an inspiring environment with a focus on a bright future for all parties involved.


We are constantly unfolding and developing our entrepreneurial potential in order to make the best possible use of new opportunities offered by the new markets.

Our focus is on three corporate divisions:

  • Research and development
  • project business
  • sales

In all three areas we have the knowledge, expertise and structure to develop innovative, groundbreaking products that greatly improve the quality of life for our customers and their environment.

Our slogan is 'High Quality - Green Energy - Bright Future'. In this way we contribute to mastering global challenges.


We focus on sustainable growth, where sales increase more than costs.

Innovation, courage and our network lead to stronger growth.
Financial discipline and new ideas help us to achieve short and medium-term margins combined with sustainability.


Adapting to changes in societies is the key to successful companies. We actively shape change for positive development. Customer proximity and know-how lead us to pioneering innovations.