Training centre in Bauchi - Nigeria

"Education is the gateway to freedom, democracy and development." - Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

CLEANTECH GERMANY is currently planning to set up a training and development centre in Bauchi, Nigeria, where trainees will be trained in the fields of renewable energies and environmental technology in the future. We will offer tailor-made trainings with contents along the entire value chain of renewable energies and environmental technology:

  • Creating the framework conditions
  • Planning, installation and maintenance
  • via engineering to economic efficiency of energy technology plants


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Our education and training centre needs, among other things, a reliable infrastructure, and the future training building must be renovated and expanded. Technical equipment, tools, teaching aids, material and equipment for the classrooms are needed.

With the training centre, CLEANTECH GERMANY wants to give local people a perspective and create access to education and work.

Support the expansion of our training and further education centre now with your donation. Whether it is material to equip the training rooms, tools, teaching aids, technical equipment, logistical or financial support every donation helps – for a liveable, secure future!