Environmental technology and hydropower

We are your partner for consulting, planning, construction, operation and management of water and wastewater systems and in the field of hydropower plants.
You benefit regionally, nationally and worldwide from our technical experience in the field of water supply and wastewater disposal. We provide you with competent and experienced advice on all aspects, from planning to operation and management. Develop goals together with us and let us accompany and support you on your individual path, whether it is the further development of existing organisational structures or the creation of sustainable fee models.
CLEANTECH GERMANY is committed to efficient solutions in the private as well as the municipal sector and is a companion for private and municipal task bearers.

We offer our services in the following areas:

  • Commissioning and management of water management plants
  • Help and support with questions about organisation, planning / development, realisation and financing

In addition, we are motivated to work in the water management fields of industrial customers

Water energies As one of the oldest forms of energy, the kinetic energy of flowing water has been used since the first advanced civilizations. Over 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water and therefore there is an enormous potential through various possibilities of use, be it waves, ebb and flow, dams.

We advise them on economic and technical aspects of water management, worldwide.
At the moment about 20 % of the demand for electricity is covered by hydropower. Together with our partners we want to increase this quota, because the usable potential is five times as high. This makes hydropower - after biomass - the most important renewable energy source.
 It is always available and is not subject to strong fluctuations like wind and solar energy.
Despite its low growth rate, hydropower is the number one renewable energy source. A total of 985,000 megawatts of electricity is generated from hydropower. Added to this is marine energy with 2,500 megawatts.