About the company:

CLEANTECH GERMANY works with a network of companies and specialists in the field of environmental protection and the energy industry.

We operate above all in the field of renewable energies in West Africa. Highly motivated teams and partners work together with us in redesigning sustainable energy supply systems.
We represent companies and stand for highly qualified expertise on Green Technologies and are well equipped with a broad knowledge about the market situation, from Nigeria to Senegal.
Some of our partners have more than 30 years of experience in the field of renewable energies. We support you in choosing the right business partner when building your business as well as in the implementation on site.

Our core service consists of arranging projects and of merging project partners, commercial transactions and services above all in the field of environment and energy industry. We can work with you on various areas, such as a joint production structure or the use of reference and distribution channels. The cooperation is exclusively with established companies and contacts in West Africa. An important element is the consideration of current laws, regulations and the political and economic trends in the country. CLEANTECH GERMANY represents German companies and has a solid network of all kinds of stakeholders in West Africa. Our main focus lays on Nigeria, Ghana and Guinea. Our objective is to establish a long-term and sustainable cooperation between actors.

Together we create the future.