Residential complexes

Residential complexes

CLEANTECH GERMANY offers power solutions for private housing estates with several residential buildings, which are on-grid or off-grid PV systems, including batteries for backup storage. The solutions will be fulfilled from start to finish.

We strive to provide a clean and peaceful environment for the residents. Given the dependence on diesel generators to bridge chronic supply shortages, it is worth thinking about a remote PV system. All types of roofs, pointing to any cardinal point, will work with this remote PV system. Depending on the orientation we plan the optimal solution. The yield can reach 100 % or more, depending on the location. Battery systems store the sun’s power and make it available at night. The client’s goal may be to reduce diesel consumption during the day and only use stored solar power at night. , This is how a quietness can be obtained, which in turn raises the quality of life of the inhabitants considerably.

In order to develop an entire solution, CLEANTECH GERMANY carries out a site assessment and determines the customer requirements and expectations as well as the associated load profiles. After an in-depth analysis of the collected data, we develop a tailor-made solution that meets all requirements. We check the design. We also supply all the necessary components such as PV modules, batteries, a multicluster box, inverters and the mounting system.

Households and businesses are increasingly investing in PV solutions, with a focus on solar self-sufficiency to reduce power costs and become less dependent on utility companies. The combination of high solar radiation and attractive state support programs make housing complexes one of the most important solar markets of the future.

We take care of your solar system and secure the additional income from your investments. With our maintenance and service we make sure that you produce long-term and effective solar power and your solar rooftop system is a complete success and remains as such.