Solar power

Solar Power

Solar energy. The idea of ​​using sunlight as an energy source is not new. The photovoltaic effect was discovered for the first time already in 1839. The current potential of solar energy is immense. Daily, the sun sends 6000 times more direct radiant energy onto the Earth’s surface than is used all over the world.
In Germany alone, a tripling of the installed photovoltaic performance in 2020 is expected. Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solar heating systems heat the water we drink and supply for our heating systems. Further, the storage of solar heat from the summer for the winter and its distribution over heating networks is possible. At the end of 2010, photovoltaic systems with a capacity of over 17,000 megawatts had been installed in Germany alone and could cover the annual needs of about four million three-person households.




Government / NGO´s

Solar Development

In collaboration with our partners, we pave the way for innovative solar power projects and make a valuable contribution to regional development in the poorer regions of the world. Our credo is sustainable action. Since the beginning we have put great emphasis on visible management – for our customers, for the environment, for our employees.

With solar power systems, we want to set an example in terms of energy production and environmental protection. Through the local production of green energy, our clients can make themselves independent from rising electricity prices and any economic development. The other advantage is the self-sufficient production of electricity, environmentally sustainable and transparent to the customer.


Since in our view, power supply always has to be in accordance with the requirements of man and the environment, clean technologies also have to be produced clean. We are probably the biggest influence in the field of environmental sustainability due to our strong emphasis on increasing energy efficiency and the associated protection of the climate. Solar power can replace other energy sources and thus contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the conservation of fossil fuels.

Within our projects we work with the latest solar technology and energy and provide in many countries in West Africa are permanent power supply for schools and public facilities. In constant exchange with universities and associations, we are also striving to make our activities transparent and understandable for the local experts. Whether provincial or metropolis: Energy Development consists around the globe for a climate-friendly electricity.