Worldwide - Energy - Devlopment

Developing the future. CLEANTECH GERMANY works with a network of companies and specialists in environmental and energy industry. We operate above all in the field of renewable energy and work with highly motivated teams and partners in redesigning sustainable energy supply and environmental systems.

About us

CLEANTECH GERMANY was founded in 2010 in Leipzig / Germany as a company in the field of renewable energy. Here we are in close proximity to the Solar Valley in Saxony. In conjuction with our partners, CLEANTECH GERMANY stand for highly qualified expertise and extensive experience in all branches of green energy production. CLEANTECH GERMANY developed goals, concepts, funding through consultations and negotiations. We create and operate complete systems with autonomous maintenance and service. In addition, we deal with the training of personnel for future maintenance.

Ecology and economy

We combine ecology and economy where they are closest. Renewable energies holds a promising future lovers of safe and clean enviorment. Unlike other forms of power generation, renewable energy production contributes to a cleaner and even greener environment. It has been confirmed that the energy derivable from the sun daily surpasses the curent total amount of energy being consumed worldwide everyday. Green energy makes a large contribution to the overall sustainable and climate-friendly environment and at the same time represents a rapidly growing global market. Clean energy - for a better future.


When it comes to business and economic relations between Germany and rest of the world specialy developing economies CLEANTECH GERMANY is your right destination. Whether you are looking for medium market or geting in contact with new buyers of your products or services or support for the planning of market entry strategies we guaranty the best possible outcome. When it commes to yor energy needs and information you can always count on our versatile and relevant market experience.

Our Performance

Our main tasks are the merging of business partners for finding partnerships to trade, plan, install and services for renewable energy projects. You benefit from expert advice, years of experience and extensive market information. This CLEANTECH GERMANY builds on a sound knowledge of the political objectives of the energy industry development in different countries. We are specialists in solar energy. Furthermore, we are able to provide commercial and technical advice and design services in the field of environment and energy industry. It focuses on the innovative developments. Furthermore, we advise and assist you in international project and export financing in order to remain competitive and expand.